The “prodigal son” parallel between the story of Batard-Montrachet and Hannibal is kind of interesting:

“In the Middle Ages, the story goes, there lived a knight on the mountain Rachet – Montrachet – who was known to all as the Knight of Montrachet – Chevaliers-Montrachet.  He fathered a bastard son – Batard-Montrachet – whom he banished from the village.  Many years later, this Knight, now growing old and nearing the end of his life, was filled with remorse about the treatment of his son and wished to see him one last time.  Word was sent out to find the son.

“Some days later, the Knight, laying feebly in his bed, heard many voices crying out in the village.  The Knight asked about the noise as he could not tell what the people were yelling.  He was told that his son had returned and the villagers were yelling out to him.  The Knight, straining to hear the cry, was finally able, albeit just, to make out the words “Bienvenues, Batard-Montrachet” – the townspeople were giving his son a welcome.  The father and son were reunited, and the Knight was able to pass peacefully away.” (X)