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When I was going to come into the show, obviously I sat down and watched back to back every episode. There were certain moments that I really had to turn my face away from. As an actor, you open your soul to experiences and I’m a very sensitive person by design – it’s the whole point of being an actor: you feel things, and certain things I just don’t want in my head. There are certain images that, once they play into your mind, I find very difficult to get rid of. I still have images from films that I’ve seen from the past that I wish I’d never looked at.

Richard Armitage
The painting SATURN by the Spanish artist GOYA.

Saturn by Francisco Goya

“I don’t actually find the William Blake paintings particularly disturbing. … but I’ve used Francisco Goya’s Saturn painting a number of times for different roles.  There’s just something about that image which comes back into my head frequently like a piece of music that you rely on to stimulate a response and that’s the picture for me.  And I actually used it for Red Dragon as well as the Blake.”

Richard ArmitagePannibal, SDCC 2015


Portrait of Eduard Kosmack by Egon Schiele

“I do remember when I was at school my mother went to see an exhibition of Egon Schiele paintings in London and brought the catalog back for me and it kind of blew my mind.  That was quite a significant moment in my art awareness.”

Hugh Dancy, Pannibal, SDCC 2015

I have made posts about the other two mosaics given special attention in the Cappella Palatina scene in Primavera: St. Ambrose and St. Cataldus/Catald/Cathal.

I have done sooooo much research on the mosaics of the Cappella and have not found the third mosaic – shown on the left above – anywhere.  Anywhere at all.  I’m knackered and am giving up on him.

So… I just decided it is Aaron Abrams.  Yep.  That’s what I decided.  It is St. Aaron of Abrams.  It is an ironic inside joke of some sort. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!!

(In my search for this guy, I found an amazing site that lets you look at all the mosaics individually andhas a magnifying glass to inspect them further.  Go here and use the search phrase “Cappella Palatina.”)