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Episode 1.04 Oeuf

Jack wears pajamas when reading in bed.  This costume consists of a Protocol brand two-piece pajama set. The grey, cotton garments feature red, black, and white pinstripes. This costume shows light wear but remains in good condition. – Hannibal: The Complete Series Auction, Lot # 81


Legendary Post-Coital Red Sweater of Sex

As of yesterday, I am the guardian of The Red Sweater [and the slacks and shoes that go with it]. I haven’t gotten used to the idea yet. I keep thinking: I own a sweater like Hannibal’s! When it finally sinks it that this is Hannibal’s sweater I will have a minor breakdown.

This is a part of our mythology/canon/Fannibal Family inheritance. I am aware of the responsibility and I vow to take care of it in a manner that befits its place in our fandom. Cross my heart.

Episode 1.06: Entree

Jack wears pajamas when he is woken up by a call in the middle of the night.  This costume consists of a Protocol brand two-piece pajama set.  The blue, cotton garments have purple and white pinstripes. – Hannibal: The Complete Series Auction, Lot # 120


Episode 2.05/2.06: Mukozuke/Futamono

Hannibal wears a maroon sweater and brown slacks as he and Jack Crawford discuss Bella Crawford’s attempted suicide over breakfast.  This costume consists of a Holt Renfrew sweater, a pair of slacks and a pair of shoes.  Knit with a cable pattern from 100% cashmere, the sweater features ribbed cuffs and lining and a v-style neck.  The Holt Renfrew slacks are made of brown and black woven cloth.  The Versace loafer-style shoes (size 43) are made of blue suede  and feature a metal decorative bar crossing over the top.  A wardrobe tag with episode and character labels is also included with the costume piece. – Hannibal: The Complete Series Auction, Lot #468