Dolarhyde’s Ledger from NBC Hannibal

For details about this project, please visit Transcribing Dolarhyde’s Ledger in this blog.  I have spent a significant amount of time on this project, please respect the work that went in to this transcript by appropriately attributing me and these posts as you would photography or other intellectual property.  Indecipherable words are enumerated within the text and appear below.  Feel free to leave comment if you figure any of them out.

On this page, the text was handwritten in The Ledger and the images and articles were then glued in over it.  I have indicated text beneath the images and articles with “xxx.”

Here are Page One, Page Two, Page Three, Page Four & Page Six

Well done Doctor you certainly made an impression.  Was this you intention?  I wonder if they finding you inconvenient. 

Detail from Page Five

[Text to the left of “Lecter Trial Begins” article] This is the face of a madman!  NO this is the face of a great man – a liberator.  That’s what you are dear Doctor.  Do I have the strength of will to find you?  Of course I do.  You and I know about fear.  This is what makes us great.  The world is nothing to be kept so small.  We need to be unchained to be what we are to be what we can become.  What we will become.  In this harsh and cold world I have xxx I bring the flame that will ignite the world.  The flame of Death.  The flame of reb[irth] xxx Doctor.  You’ve certainly made an impression was this your intention.  You have them all xxx fooled.  You have them all!  They are all yours for the consuming.  Yours to feed from. Xxx I too require kindling.  I too need food for my flame.

[Text to the left of the “Hannibal the Cannibal” article] Is this the face of a Madman?  NO this is the face of a great man!  A man becoming a god.  A man to stand on the ___ (1) of all other men.  They are only fodder for your flame.  Your power supersedes their miserable lives.  They exist only to fuel the rise of the great among us.  The very pure and the very few. 

[Text to the left of the “The Gentleman Psychopath” image] Perhaps you have something you can show me.  Something I can use.  Something to help me become what I must become.  The flame burns inside me that I must let out the Flame of the great Red Dragon.  The Dragon to create and destroy the world around him.  The burning flame that scorches the plain. Rages through landscape to turn the world to a cinder.  The powerful beams of light that explodes from my chest that will blind the world.  The light that covers the earth in a ___ (2) is being born from the great light that bursts and flows from my chest the blinding light of becoming.

Detail from Page Five

[Text to the right of the “Lecter Trial Begins” article] They had no idea you were capable of this!  If only we had found each other before this rude circumstance.  Perhaps kindred souls such as ours would have found ample time to inspire and ___ (3) each other.  Like two burning flames of destruction or creation!  You are my dear Doctor.  Your flame burns eternally for us all.  I am still becoming.  I am growing that can no longer be contained.

[Text to the right of “Hannibal the Cannibal” article] You’ve certainly made an impression my dear Doctor.  A liberator of the souls of men.  Perhaps you have something to show me.  There is a great deal I have to learn.  ___ (4) ___ (5)  that I need to learn on my Path.  I am taking everything I can find around me.  Consuming all around me.  Everything is mine to consume.  It is all my food.  All fuel to make my flame burn brighter.  An all consuming flame ___ (6) liberate the souls of all around me.  

[Text to the right of the “The Gentleman Psychopath” image] ___ (7).  Burning.  FIRE TO BURN THE WORLD.  Count my cells as they expand from my chest!  The light that comes from me and engulfs the world around me.  Envelops the failed creation of a weak and tired god.  A new creation of my making.  You are a great man my dear Doctor.  A liberator of human souls a ___ (8) and ender of great suffering.  Do I have the strength to find you?  Of course I do.  I have even greater strength as yet unrealized.  A strength that is coming.  A strength that …


Courtroom packed as jury hears first evidence
[handwritten] You are greater than them all they cannot understand
 S. Kasparian
Staff Reporter

BALTIMORE – A decades long hunt ended yesterday with the apprehending of Dr. Hannibal Lecter.  Lecter is the FBI’s main suspect in the gruesome Chesapeake Ripper murders that ravaged the area for years.  Officials have suggested that his reign of terror may reach back as far as 15 years.

The FBI has never encountered a serial killer who possesses the cunning of the Chesapeake Ripper who has been able to allude poilce [sic] for such a long time even though his murders are amongst the most shocking and elaborate on record.  The manhunt creshendoed yesterday afternoon when Dr. Lecter was arrested at the country home of [circle] Will Graham [/circle] – a profiler who worked for the FBI until he himself became suspected of being the Ripper and was arrested and subsequently released only a couple of short years ago.  No word on Graham’s actual involvement in the crimes or arrest has been

of the psychiatric community in the Bay area for nearly 20 years and was most notable  known to the public for his testimonials at the trial for Will Graham.  Dr. Lecter was Graham’s clinical psychologist and played no small part in his incarceration in the Baltimore State Hospital for the Criminally Insane.

Graham was later exhonerated and Dr. Lector himself became the lead suspect.  The attempted arrest of Lecter resulted in the death of one person hospitalization 3 others, 2 of whom were FBI agents.  Dr. Lecter then disappeared until now when agents were able to successfully take him into custody without incident.

[Text repeats]

[Caption below photograph] Photograph by R. Cheyne  DR. HANNIBAL LECTER – Makes his first public appearance since his arrest.  Usually quite dapper, Dr. Lecter still remained composed even in prisoner’s attire.

Detail from Page Five

The author “S. Kasparian” is likely a nod to Hannibal‘s art department trainee, Sonia Kasparian.

The photographer “R. Cheyne” is likely a nod to Hannibal‘s art director, Rory Cheyne.

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