Francis Dolarhyde’s Ledger from NBC Hannibal

For details about this project, please visit Transcribing Dolarhyde’s Ledger in this blog.  I have spent a significant amount of time on this project, please respect the work that went in to this transcript by appropriately attributing me and these posts as you would photography or other intellectual property.  Indecipherable words are enumerated within the text and appear below.  Feel free to leave comment if you figure any of them out.

Italicized text was translated from French by meaningfulandoriginalurl.  Many many thanks!!

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[Text left of the eye and headline]  Well done doctor!  I can’t wait for the day of our meeting and the beginning of our partnerships.  We are partners in ___ (1) and we could so much more.


Detail from Page Four

[Text between headlines]  […]  making it the ultimate act of love.  You understand this doctor!  You are showing us what love is! Eating flesh oh my god!

[Text to the right of headlines]  Do I have the strength or will to find you, to share your secrets?  Of course I do.  What a world of an ___ (2) just a little ___ (3) that bring us together at …  We are here for ___ (4).


Detail from Page Four

Very well done doctor!  What a beautiful work you have done.  You have given the world, show the world the love it deserves.  I wish they understood you!  You are a liberator.  This is the face of a mad man, no this is the face of a great man.  Liberator.  That is what you are doctor.  A liberator of the souls of men.  Perhaps you have something to show me?  Do I have the strength or will to find you, to share your secrets?  Of I do??  Doctor you are my perfect partner and we need to show the world the work we could be doing together.  Doctor I understand your work, I love your work, you and me we are partners we are here to save the souls of men  eating the flesh of your victims is so brilliant so thoughtful so smart.  The ultimate love, the liberation from our body.  The liberation from the flesh and blood that on a daily basis makes it very difficult to be above to be more spiritual and religious.  Do you get a special magical spiritual experience from eating them?  I hope so. 

He had no clue he stopped you from doing your work, from continuing this beautiful journey!  He stopped you from showing us the way to freedom. 

He didn’t expect this from you! Many questions for you about your secret.  You will continue!

I wonder what he ___ (5) of you?  He really thought you were just a brilliant doctor… surprise – what a surprise it was for him to find out.  I found the story poignant dear doctor.  He faces you, he traps you but in the end he is broken.  So much greatness, talent in you doctor!  This is just a little obstacle, we will get past this and you will resume your wonderful work.  I am sad to have to wait to see what you had in mind!  What is next for you doctor?  I am so anxious to know more but I also have a lot I could share with you doctor.  I am very talented.  I sometimes feel so under utilized by the world.  People would say that I am also a mad man, but most misunderstood men are genius.  We are ___ (6) but too advanced to be understood.  One day we are going to meet and we will work together ___ (7) partners we are meant to be partners and show the world what love is all about.  I ___ (8) it is ___ (9) ___ (10) did I share with you doctor, of course I didn’t!  I feel like I know you so well – I speak and write French.  Yes I can write in french and read french really well. Growing up I had a nanny who was of french origins so she taught me to speak french. What a beautiful language. French. The country and language of love. Have you ever been to Paris, Doctor? Ah, Paris! What a beauty my dear doctor. And the French Cuisine. I’m sure you are a fan!and of course the wine! The pleasures of eating. of course you must be francophile-  Back to our upcoming collaboration my dear doctor.  I hope I am not dreaming and I hope it will be reality in a ___ (11) future!  Do you feel the same about me?  I wonder.  I feel like you ___ (12).

I have been loved once in my life and I think my mother must be the one who loved me.  Did I very really love anybody?  I don’t think so.  I feel alone but I want to be alone.  I love being alone in the world.  You would be the exception doctor.  I would let you in my world, would you let me in your world?  I have my doubts, I think you are a loner.  You have to be such a brilliant man to be able to keep your life a secret for so long.  What a life you had so far this is amazing.  I wish we could have been partners we have so much to learn from each other!  I have so many question for you doctor.  I wonder about so much.  I want to know more about what has driven you to this beauty.  I want to eat your wonderful cooking.  I want to see you prepare these exquisite dishes.  I want to see you kill.  I want to be inside your head!  Perhaps no ___ (13) has much ___ (14) ___ (15) me and ___(16).  You are full of yourself and not really willing to share your secrets with me.  I understand!  Sharing ___ (17) their ___ (18).  Shared secrets are no secret anymore, not so special anymore.  Today on this another day, it is cold but crisp, the sky is orange at sunrise.  I want to be in the country everything nature’s beauty.  This beauty.  You feel it, you eat it!  I love nature.  People could think what they want but even mad men (I ___ (19) not in ___ (20)) loves nature!  I think I am one with the ___ (21) nature and that’s what makes me unique ___ (22) sensitive and in sync with the world.  I feel the sky, I feel the snow falling on the ground and the sun is my sun.  Its light is life to me I would love to be more ___ (23) to nature.  I have the feeling that studying and understanding more ___ (24) of your work would open some of these doors for me.  A liberation, a freedom that would bring me closer to greatness, closer to the light.


Detail from  Page Four


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