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Francis Dolarhyde’s Ledger from NBC Hannibal

For details about this project, please visit Transcribing Dolarhyde’s Ledger in this blog.  I have spent a significant amount of time on this project, please respect the work that went in to this transcript by appropriately attributing me and these posts as you would photography or other intellectual property.  Indecipherable words are enumerated within the text and appear below.  Feel free to leave comment if you figure any of them out.

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Behold the power of the Great Red DRAGON

Well done doctor!  You’ve certainly made an impression.  Was this your intention?  I wonder if our  ___ (1) was convenient?  They had no idea you were CAPABLE of this!  If only we had found each other before this rude circumstance.  Perhaps kindred souls such as yours would have found ample time to plan a bigger and better crime.  The perfect crime, the one nobody would perhaps know about but we would be partners in crime.  How about this evil idea?  What do you think?  I think we are made for each other, made to be brother’s, we have the same view on life and death.  I know despite what everyone is saying we love life, death makes life even more powerful and precious.  A life without a death is ___ ___ (2) but a beautiful meaningful life like a perfect death it is something to remember.  So loving death as much as life is just a normal, sane way of living.  How about a death where the body is respected, loved, adored.  A death which is a ritual, a religion, a loving act.  This is the ultimate love ___ (3).  The loving ___ (4) you the last breath.  A last breath with the living, the beginning of a new life ___ (5) the world of the dead.  This is the face of a madman, no this is face of a great man liberator that is what you are dear doctor.  A liberator showing us the view, showing us where we go from here.  You are giving us the real meaning of life.  What is our life without the knowledge of a death with the body is celebrated!  Ther is no other way, no better way to celebrate ___ (6) body than eating it.  The ultimate meal the meal of a lifetime.  What about eating a love ___ ___ ___ (7) understand you doctor.  My thoughts are in your head we are in this enterprise of love.  This is a labor of love.  from the time we are born we are destined ___ ___ ___(8) we are owed a death that is worth every ___ (9) we ever ___ ___ (10), this life as a man deserves a death that makes us super human we ___ (11) the ___ (12) our bodies.  We are creating a magical being.  We are no more flesh but spirit our spirit lives on in everyone that has eaten the body .  This has been the religion of many for centuries.  Why did you forget about this?  Why?  Why did the human race lose itself in ___ (13) consciousness. Our society has lost the love of the body.  The love of the ___ (14) the body.  Our body is more than flesh.  Our flesh represents our life, our spirit, our lifeline.  We are one with the universe.  Is it not what was intended for us Doctor?  Did god not ___ (15) us to be part of the universe?  The universe ___ (16) to be part of it.  The universe___ (17) us doctor?  Don’t you think so?  What a universe ___ ___ (18) people, extraordinary people like us doctor which means the universe belongs to us and eating the flesh of the ___ (19) is our right as owner of this universe.  We are one with the universe.  We are showing the way to the human race.  They ___ (20) really listen, learn from us.  We are the universe.  I really enjoy and appreciate your way the way you ___, ___ (21) the human body is extraordinary!  Yes extraordinary doctor!  You are a real liberator and I wish people could really appreciate your talent.  Your talent is super human. This is was most human, man and woman on this earth do not understand they can’t understand the unique and extraordinary way you think.  Your way is the way my friend not the ___ (22).  I think Frank Sinatra would have understood you completely.  Do you like his song My Way?  ___ ___ (23) he says it is my song a song expressing the way I feel about my choices my lifestyle.  As a man on this planet ___ (24) be in control, control of my way of ___ (25) of my destiny.  Planet earth does need people like us doctor!  Nature is here for us to push its boundary.  It asks for it!  We have a duty to do so.  We are not madmen!  We are liberators!  ___ ___ (26) men should thank us for what we are bringing to the world.  We will be remembered Doctor!

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