For details about this project, please visit Transcribing Dolarhyde’s Ledger in this blog.  I have spent a significant amount of time on this project, please respect the work that went in to this transcript by appropriately attributing me and these posts as you would photography or other intellectual property.  Indecipherable words are enumerated within the text and appear below.  Feel free to leave comment if you figure any of them out.

On this page, the text was handwritten in The Ledger and the image of the hand was then glued in over it.  I have indicated text beneath the hand with “xxx.”

Here are Page One, Page Two, Page FourPage Five & Page Six

[Text left of the teeth]  The human body.  the mystery of the human body!  Its beauty!

teeth 1

Detail from Page Three

[Text right of the teeth] […], blood, flesh, teeth, we all have to face the fact!

teeth 2

Detail from Page Three

[Text along fetuses]  The beauty of human body ___ (1) of the flesh.  I was alone.  I remember being born.  I remember being in the womb ___ (2) to be the man I am now.  I was a foetus and I am now a man.  Every man should remember where they came from.  Women are where men come from.  Every women should be celebrated because of it.  My love for women is one I cannot put in words.  They are the apple of my eyes.  Eating a woman is one of my dreams doctor.  ___ (3) ___ (4) love you to help me eat my love.  What an idea!


Detail from Page Three

[Text left of delirium] Thought I am now!  Count my cells as the bear expands in my chest!


Detail from Page Three

This body is sometimes my prison.  In the flesh, ___ (5) is too much for this world.  I really understand how you have ___ (6) ___ (7) this person.  This body has another dimension with you doctor!?  You have made flesh magical, ___ (8).  We are better because of it.  Body ___ (9) is ___ (10) ___ (11).  The human body should be celebrated.  I think that eating it is the best way to celebrate our human nature to show love to the flesh to prepare it in the manner that makes it so special that it has become a ritual. 

[…] look at his life is so magical.  We come from a foetus.  A little cell was the beginning of all of us.  And here we are human body.  This body that is ___ (12).  The body is here to ___ (13) human.  The blood is red and  makes it run as a machine.  We are ___ (14) with blood as gas.  The blood goes through our veins.  It is warm.  Warm and red. I love this experience ___ (15) blood when you get ___ (16).  I think I am in this constant state of ___ (17) blood.  My life is ___ (18) ___ (19) of ___ (20) flood.  So I do understand this way you have doctor to eat your victims!  I don’t think they are victims really.  They should thank you for your love of their body.  What a love to be eaten by the famous doctor lecter!  Oh my god!  What an honor!  Glad you are a master chef!  I am wondering if you have ever eaten a foetus.  Really that would be the ultimate delicacy – a fabulous delicacy.  Do you feel their body when you cook them?  What do you feel when you eat them?  I would really enjoy sharing these feelings with you.  We are made to be partners my dear doctor!  I admire your sense of drama for beauty.  The beauty of your act!  This is your craft and you are in control.  You are very good at it.  Nobody is as skilled as you are in this matter.  Where does your ___ (21) come from?  Where?  Were you born this way? Did your mother taught you all this knowledge?  Was she the woman behind the man that you have become doctor?  Do you think she would be proud of you doctor?  Would she enjoy these wonderfully crafted meals?  Would she understand what you are doing?  I wonder sometimes if my mother would understand who I have become?  Would she love me more?  Nothing like a mother’s love they say.  Not every mother is loving.  It is really amazing everyone always have the best childhood that everything is always so ___ (22) and perfect.  I make perfection because it is not in my life.  I am creating the perfection I want to see in this world.  My body is not born this way I am making it what I want it to be.  What I think it could be.  I am making it perfect!  I remember myself as a young boy and the difficulties to be.  Just living was difficult.  I don’t understand life and its meaning.  What an idea here I felt like a stranger lost in a foreign world.  I could not connect with anyone but you doctor!  I feel like we have a connection.  I understand your work, I see myself in your work!

I ___ (23) ___ (24) the other kids at school, I was really happy when I was with my grandmother.  Perhaps because being old makes us less human in the way human is just a waste of space.  The way a body is just ___ (25) ___ (26) ___ (27) finesse.  Her body was beautiful because it has lived.  Life made it unique but it is not about because she was closer to death than she was from birth.  Life and death we come back to these two words doctor!  Life and death!  Well done doctor!  You’ve certainly made an impression.  Was this your intention?  I wonder if they are finding you inconvenient?  They had no idea you were capable of this!  If only we had found each other before this rude circumstance perhaps kindred souls such as ours would have found ample time to make our imprint in this world.  We could have made such a masterpiece you and me doctor!  I wish we could we have so much in common!  I really wonder if you had the same memories to be in the womb than me.  Did you feel the warmth and fuzziness.  This love of body is it hungry for the memory of this warmth and fuzziness warmth of the blood, warmth of fresh meat.  This is what happens at birth we are ___ (28) of blood, flesh coming out of flesh.  The ultimate love is birth.  I ___ (29) really ___ (30) is it the ___ (31) by someone else hand.  Do you love your victims?  ___ (32) love?  How did you get to ___ (33) doctor?  Why our path didn’t cross earlier!  Oh my god all the wonderful ___ (34) we could ___ (35) accomplish together.  It sometimes makes me sad that we didn’t get the chance to show how talented we are.  Our talent ___ (36) ___ (37) be doubled by our partnership.  I love old photos they are ___ (38) of the ___ (39) of the xxx because it is like they are dead frozen in their faces.  Do you know about this weird victorian xxx of xxx picture of dead love ones with live relatives.  The ___ (40) ___ (41) photos xxx of the xxx ___ (42) the mother.  The pictures of those dead, well dressed ladies with siblings or with xxx unique xxx.  What was the intention behind these photos?  I understand because I am who I am but xxx.  That they thought it was something to be done.  Why are they now so in arms with what you did xxx was ok to take pictures of dead bodies to put in your apartment.  To frame them and xxx ok?  Who decides it is ok or not.  Since when are the men and women of this earth xxx us.  We are liberators and we are not the mad men they think we are!  If my xxx rude circumstances.  Perhaps kindred spirits such as ours would have found ample time xxx.  Alcohol ___ (43) the ___ (44) but it is not perhaps the best?  I never really like drinking I feel like it is bringing ___ (45) ugly in me out.  My body is xxx encountered that had a drinking problem ___ (46) like an open book.  It was like their body xxx to human is too human.  The magic of who I am is that I am better, I am more than just xxx and better.  Like you I think doctor xxx You and I doctor are made from xxx wonder.  As I was growing up I used xxx wanted it is xxx is ___ (47) xxx ___ (48) is ___ (49) xxx love with xxx your love of xxx doctor.  I am xxx mold we are xxx to collaborate on xxx your next project xxx contact me and xxx many ideas and xxx I am disappointed that xxx work is one of an artist xxx work of your acts!  What a xxx we are so misunderstood xxx understand a crime but the ultimate xxx universe to ___ (50) us laugh xxx I will not say to make us xxx part of this again like you doctor I am xxx I am a liberator!  I am here xxx I think the illustration of Blake xxx are illuminating illustrations.  You and I doctor xxx could really save the world from the madness xxx not mad men.  We are liberators!  Well done doctor xxx impression.  Was this your intention? I xxx you inconvenient.

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Detail from Page Three


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