Francis Dolarhyde’s Ledger from NBC Hannibal

For details about this project, please visit Transcribing Dolarhyde’s Ledger in this blog.  I have spent a significant amount of time on this project, please respect the work that went in to this transcript by appropriately attributing me and these posts as you would photography or other intellectual property.  Indecipherable words are enumerated within the text and appear below.  Feel free to leave comment if you figure any of them out.

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[Text to the left of the first cleft palate illustration]  You certainly made an impression.  Was that your intention doctor?  Bravo.

[Text to the left of the second cleft palate illustration] I find his story poignant doctor!  Really, you are a liberator!

[Text to the left of the third cleft palate illustration] Well done doctor!  They had no idea you were capable of this!


Detail from Page Two

[Text to the left of the fourth cleft palate illustration]  Are we all monsters on the earth?  Or am I the only one feeling this way

[Primary text]  The body is a very shy vessel.  It is given to us and then ___ (1).  What to do with this flesh that can only bring us pain and despair.  I never really loved my body.  It is a ___ (2).  My life is not what it should be because of it so through other ___ (3) body I regain the power that was taken from me when I was born with this hideous body.  my body is now a better one.  My life is now a better one I’ve found my way a magical powerful way to be a better man.  A Superman, a new ___ (4) show the way to others.  My way is the best way Doctor.  I think we are so similar and could be the best partners that history could have seen.  Let me show you what we could do together doctor.  I am so eager to please you to be your friend your lover perhaps.  Why not I think we could love each other doctor.  Don’t you want to have someone that is the one in your life.  That special someone that is always here for you.  It is me doctor?  I am!  I find the story very poignant doctor!  He ___ (5) you, he ___ (6) you but in the end he is broken!  Do you think he understands you?  Do you think he really appreciates your magical power?  Does he realize how special and unique and wonderful you are doctor. I have my doubts, I don’t think he really ___ (7) the wonder, the salvation that can come from following you, knowing you.  You ___ (8) ___ (9) ___ (10) but  ___ (11).  You really are a liberator doctor!  I believe in you doctor.  We could really be the best partners if you just let me show you ___ (12) ___ (13).  Here we are again talking about my way.  Did I not tell you Frank Sinatra ___ (14) it better a song to represent our action it could be our song Doctor!  The song that describes what our collaboration could and shall be.  The children are alone in the playground.  This one was thought he was so clever but no this was a real mistake that cost us a lot!  He is not like us doctor.  He doesn’t ___ (15) ___ (16) our greatness, our ways, our ritual, our way of loving.  We are love.  We love the body, we love the flesh. Loving the death is loving the life.  It is in  ___ (17) ___ (18) the ___ (19) love.  Why is there not more people understanding us doctor?  We are alone in the world!  I was alone until now I have found you!  I am so grateful to have found you!  This is why I think you should be partner!  Why being alone when we can have each other.  We could be so happy!  We could be so much more if we had each other to work for.  The love we have for the human flesh could bring us so much happiness.  Eating ones flesh is ___ (20) an act of love.  Through history it has been told over and over.  Why nobody does listen to the voice of reason?  We are not madmen!  We are liberators!  Yes Liberators.  The world has been waiting for our guidance and they don’t know we do we love the body, the flesh ___ (21) Doctor!  I admire you so much.  I think your work is art!  You are showing us the way – yes the way we should live our lives!  We are all your children and we owe you so much doctor!  A ___ (22) eyes is the ultimate window showing love.  The eyes you are the only thing that can be dangerous and could stop me from doing what I was must to do!  This is why I have to cover these eyes.  No eyes on me is going to stop me from doing what I was born to do!  I was born to be your partner doctor!  Please lets be partners!  I admire your work so much!  It is like looking at myself in the mirror.  What a discovery.  Being able to see a grown version of myself is one of a lifetime opportunity.  You are here in front of me, a better me, a magical me, a mirror of how I wanted to be.  You did doctor more than I ever imagined was possible to be done doctor!  We were meant to be partners in crime.  Your love of human body is the ultimate love.  A love that is unfortunately very rarely understood.  Don’t let it stop you doctor!  I don’t think we really care anyway.  Who cares what they think.  We don’t really think.  We don’t care what people who are not in the know think.  You and me are above all this painful, little way of thinking and ___ (23).  We are liberators, better men.  We know about love!  Love of the flesh, love of the human race men and women need listen and learn from us.  The world would be such a better place if they were listening to us.  Just a little listen would make such a grand difference for this world.  We could be greater and show a greater way of living.

[Text to the left of the womb illustration]  We are born attached to our mother. Our mother our first knowledge of flesh and ___ (24).  I wish I could eat my placenta!  What a [thought] being fed your placenta when you are born!  What do you think Doctor!  What about this brilliant idea Doctor!

[Text to the right of the womb illustration] I think I remember being in my mother womb.  I was nice warm and cozy.  Seeing this illustration is giving me this warm and fuzzy feeling of comfort and love.  I was loved by my mother.  She was a loving woman but those eyes were dangerous.  This is why I think I have an obsession with eyes.  I do not enjoy people watching, looking at me.  ___ (25) ___ (26) ___ (27) the eyes made me happy.  Those eyes are too much too much of the wrong love.  This is not the love I want from people.  Why looking at me.  I can feel they see my mistake the hideous ___ (28) of my face.  I think my mother was loving woman.  But did she really know the love I needed?  I am much more than a body this body is not me.  My body is what made me think I am for the greater good of the human race.  This body is the beginning of something better grand, magical, unique doctor.  What do you think doctor?  Do you understand my train of thought?  I think you would understand me!  You and me are very similar we are from the same mould.  I am surprised we are not related.  It is ___ (29) magical the way we are connected one to another.  We are one!  I feel you.  I know you.  I understand your actions.  Nobody could understand you the way I do.  Nobody could really show you the love that you deserve except me.  I don’t think I am dreaming by sharing this thought.

[Text to the right of the bathing beauty] Once upon a time!  What the hell story ___ (30) with this silly sentence.  I never liked fairy tales they are such fairy tale but you get depressed as soon as you are grown up.  I am creating my own fairy tale.  Nobody has ever been told a story like the one I am creating.  One of a kind story.  One of a kind life like you doctor!  We are exceptional beings my dear doctor!  We are made for greatness!  I do believe we are liberators for this world.  We are here to serve the world but we are highly misunderstood.

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