Mads on Hannibal and Bedelia’s relationship: “Well, they have a very strange relationship.  They have secrets together, but what they are, we’ll have to see.”

When I watched Season 2 as it aired, I had the distinct impression that Bedelia’s exit in Sakizuki and return in Tome-Wan were orchestrated by Hannibal.  I still feel that way.

Bedelia knows more than we are aware of.  She knows enough to be dangerous to Hannibal.  In turn, however, he knows enough about her to be equally dangerous.  In a sense, this creates a very balance relationship.  They each know of what the other is capable and they each know that the disclosure of their respective secrets could proved detrimental.

Do I believe that she is “ending [their] patient/psychiatrist relationship”?  I do.  But this does not preclude a different type of relationship.  Do I believe that she has “drawn the conclusion that [he is] dangerous”?  I do.  But I don’t believe this is new information to her.  Do I believe that she is appalled by Hannibal’s treatment of Will?  Of course.

But why does she go to Jack?  Why does she go to Will?  There is nothing to be gained by – essentially – saying goodbye.  She is not a primary source of information for Jack and whether or not she believes Will makes no difference to his situation.  So why make the gesture?  Because she was instructed to do so.  To what end?  I think we’ll find out in Season 3.

And Hannibal’s visit to her house in the schnazzy kill suit?  I believe he was making sure she was gone and was prepared to end her if she wasn’t – a bargain similar to the one he offered Alana in Mizumono.  The perfume bottle was certainly a sign of some sort.  So why not a sign of complicity with a plan to which we are not yet privy?

And her return?  Orchestrated.  I believe she was just hard enough for Jack to find to make her interrogation interview credible.  Think: “Since Du Maurier went into hiding, she must be afraid of Hannibal and afraid of what will happen if she tells us the truth.  Therefore, she must be telling the truth.”

In telling Will that Hannibal will persuade him to kill someone he loves and that he will believe it is the only choice he has, Bedelia plants a seed of trepidation to act.  And a fear that Will will not know his own mind when the time to act arrives.  The result?  He hesitates when he has Hannibal at gunpoint in Mizumono.

In urging Jack not to fool himself into believing that Hannibal is not in control of the situation, Bedelia is playing to Jack’s hubris.  The result?  Jack feels the need to assert his control of the situation and shows up early to the Red Dinner and gets himself stabbed in the neck.

I don’t believe that – as has been suggested by some – Bedelia has been kidnapped by Hannibal at the end of Mizumono.  I believe she is part of Hannibal’s grand “Plan B.”  Is she thrilled about it?  No.  Does she do it anyway?  You betcha.