The above image is part of a collection of unused ephemera intended for use in Dolarhyde’s Ledger.  The unused ephemera were sold as part of the Prop Store’s Hannibal: The Complete Series Auction.

Francisco Guerrero (aka “El Chalequero,” “The Mexican Bluebeard,” “The Consulada River Strangler/Ripper,” and/or “The Mexican Ripper”) was born in 1840 in the Bajio region of Mexico.  His childhood was marked by poverty, maternal abuse and paternal absence.

Guerrero raped, robbed and beheaded more than twenty women – primarily prostitutes – and attacked minors in the outskirts of Mexico City between the early 1880s and 1908.  He was also known to bite his sexual victims.

After his arrest in 1888 for the murder of two women, Guerrero was compared with Jack the Ripper: both targeted prostitutes approximately 40 years of age, both left gruesome wounds, both were blamed for previously unsolved crimes, and rumor had it that both were physicians or at least educated men.

At his 1890 trial, specialists were called upon to decide if he was criminally responsible.  They concluded that he was not mentally ill, but a “born criminal.”  Guerrero’s explanation of his behavior was that his victims had wounded his “self esteem as a man.”

After his release from prison in 1906, he robbed and beheaded an old woman.  Upon interrogation for that crime, he confessed: “Yes, I killed her.  I don’t know, sir… I don’t understand  what happens in me; but every woman inspires in me a terrible desire to commit a crime.”


Francisco Guerrero

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