When watching …and the Beast from the Sea with closed captioning, I noticed that we hear this


but not this



The dialogue we hear reflect Francis’ concern for Reba.  Exclusively.  The dialogue that Hannibal, Alana and Jack hear, on the other hand, is more self-serving.  Through closed captioning, we’re able to eavesdrop on dialogue that we’re not meant to hear.

So why was it edited out?  It doesn’t change my opinion about Francis’ concern for Reba.  It doesn’t reveal some hitherto unknown fear of the Dragon.  It just seems a bit floppy.  An extraneous bit of dialogue that one’s playwriting professor (pour one out for my homie, Digby) would strike through and scribble ‘tangential’ next to.  But, good golly, it’s fun to listen in on phone calls!